(for bassoon, piano and footwork)

Performed by Ingrid Chiang, bassoon/piano/footwork
Composed by Réjean Marois
Directed by Sean Patrick Shaul

Filmed on November 22, 2020 at the Annex Theatre in Vancouver, BC

Statement from Réjean Marois, composer:
“This solo piece is about « being alone without a sense of loneliness… » It is written for a bassoonist who is also a pianist who will also be doing some footwork. The piece has three sections: the first one is built on a strong dance rhythm where the soloist invites the audience to move along with her. The second section is a short introspective blues, followed by an energetic theme with variations that leads to a conclusive short cadenza”.

*Special thanks to Shannon Pigotthue for lending us a digital piano that was used in the filming of Shared Solitude.